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Thank You For Raising Up Our Sisters

From the bottom of our hearts – THANK YOU!

Because of you an entire generation of young girls will have the chance to go further and do even more than the generation before them.


Reusable Pad Pattern and Tutorial

Just click the links to download.

Pad Tutorial

Pad Pattern

PLEASE NOTE: You can use velcro instead of a snap, button or hook.


Materials information:

Your Pad will consist of three layers. A topper, core, and backing.

The topper and core will be absorbent and the backing should be water repellant. There are many suitable options for fabrics, below are some recommendations. We request you sew moderate to heavy flow pads.

Topper Fabric Options:
Flannel, Minky, Organic Bamboo Velour (OBV), Cotton woven, Cotton knit

Core Fabric Options:
Flannel (4-6 layers), Birdseye Cotton (4-6 layers), ZORB (1-2 layers), Cotton Terry/ Towel (2-3 layers), Absorbent Fleece (2-3 layers). You may include a hidden layer of PUL at the bottom, closest to your backing, of your core.

Backing Fabric Options:
PUL, Water repellent fleece, windpro, Flannel, Cotton Woven

The inside of both pockets of the bags needs to be waterproof material (such as PUL or Windpro or something similar).


Double-Zip Bag Instruction Video:


Please ship all packages to:

BAA Foundation
c/o Alanna Gilchrist
164 South Highland Drive
Pittston, PA  18640